Kevin Cox

I am a member of NENA because like most people I get satisfaction from working with others. Most of us enjoy being members of a group and overcoming challenges together. It is even more enjoyable when we know that our success will help other groups. It is even better when success makes a material difference to the welfare of others.  The practical reason for me being part of NENA is to learn how others are trying to change the economic system and to assist others in their efforts to improve our economic system.


While my intellect understands systemic global problems and existential threats they do not affect me emotionally because they are too large to comprehend. However, I have become emotionally involved in a particular issue whose solution requires many to work together to resolve.


I am frustrated by the waste and hypocrisy of the parasitic financial system so well described by Michael Hudson in "Killing the Host: How Financial Parasites and Debt Bondage Destroy the Global Economy".  My frustration has turned to a mission to help bring the financial parasites under control.  Controlling them will free up resources to assist the resolution of other problems about which others are passionate and which I understand exist.  For me this is the top issue for NENA to address.


If we do not control financial parasites the productive economy, and us with it, will die.  Global warming, the threat of nuclear war, the breakdown of civil society, the poisoning of the planet are all direct outcomes of the rise of financial parasites. The challenge is to control them not eliminate them. The financial system thinks it is the economy rather than assisting the economy. It has taken control of money, the lifeblood of the economy, and feeds on it without adding any extra value to the production of goods and services. By taking money from the rest of the economy, it is not leaving enough to pay to fix our other problems.  The financial system is powerful and difficult to change.


However, we can change it through incremental mutations in the way it works. We do not try to replace the financial system. Rather we work on mutations that will cause it to shrink.  We can divert the flow of money from the financial system back to the productive economy.  One mutation is to remove the need for money markets as the way to create new money and as the way to distribute money.  The article "The Financial System is Economically Inefficient" describes how to remove the need for money markets and with them the cost of interest, dividends, and capital gains.


A useful expertise I have is in designing Complex Adaptive Systems and implementing them on the Internet.  A Complex Adaptive System is a way for autonomous entities to work together with simple connections to achieve a common goal - like everyone in the community having affordable housing and security of occupation of their home.

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