NENA Strategic Directions Group


This is an ideal role for people interested in the innovative and strategic potential for building new or wellbeing economy initiatives in a coordinated and collaborative way.

The SDG works cooperatively with the Board to prepare Strategic Plans for the co-operative and provide general advice to the Board about the co-operative’s strategic priorities. Members of the SDG are required to work together to engage members in developing an annual Civil Society Strategy for the New Economy, in collaboration with the Board of Directors and Participatory Budget Group.

If you take up a role on this group you will attend 6-8 zoom meetings a year, assist with hosting several webinars each year (to provide updates about strategic developments) and actively engage with NENA members to develop strategic plans and goals for the organisation. This is a voluntary role with no remuneration.

For more details on the roles, responsibilities and qualifications for a member of the SDG as well as the procedure for nominations please see the NENA Election Guide 2020.


To nominate: email your completed nomination form to:

Please note nominations are required to be submitted by 9th November 2020