Author: Kelsey Buchanan

Kelsey is a workplace delegate under the United Workers Union, former casual employee at the University of Melbourne and NTEU member, and Master of International Relations graduate. She edits for the New Economy Journal and Young Diplomats Society.

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In University Education as in Many Other Industries, COVID-19 is a Crisis of Casualisation

For anyone with an interest in the higher education system today, the anxiety is palpable.

The ‘Job-Ready Graduates’ package has passed the Senate while universities, instead of speaking out, seemed content to bargain with the government and trade off affordable higher education for negligible promises of extra student places or any degree of funding certainty. The bill would see a decrease in government funding per student place, a 113% hike in the price of most Arts degrees, and students who fail first-year subjects cut off from government-subsidised fees and HELP loans. Read More …