Author: Myfan Jordan

Myfan Jordan is the Founding Director of . She has spent 20 years working with communities at the grassroots: as an advocate and researcher mainly undertaking co-design policy development. Myfan has expertise in housing, criminal justice, gendered ageing and gender equity, LGBTIQ+ and (dis)ability advocacy and intersectional disadvantage. She is a passionate advocate for degrowth. Myfan co-convenes the Women’s Research Hub at NENA and the Creating Community Working Group of Cohousing Australia. In her spare time, Myfan contends with pets and teenagers. You can contact her via @ResearchStudio @myfan_jordan on Twitter or follow Grassroots Research Studio on Facebook and Linked In. For examples of past and current projects see:

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Pandemic or endemic: older women and the toxic workplace

During the pandemic, economic, social and labour market impacts first hit younger women, particularly mothers working more casualised sectors and facing a sharp increase of unpaid work in the home. When Grassroots Research commenced the Generation Expendable? study in mid-2020, Australia’s pandemic fallout was already Read More …