2018 Webinars

Everyone’s welcome to join our monthly NENA Webinars.  We hold our webinars on the third Thursday evening of every month, to help people in the network stay connected to each other, and the collective work of NENA.

Every second month, we’ll have an update about NENA activities, and every other month we’ll have training and peer-to-peer learning opportunities. No need to register – just click on the zoom link (below) when the seminar is due to commence.

All webinars are on at 6.30pm NSW/Vic time and usually go for 90 minutes

Date Topic Zoom link for webinar
22 February NENA Working Group Update – including an update about NENA Governance structures and the 2018 Conference https://zoom.us/j/910854195


22 March NENA Training Webinar: “Ecological Economics and why it matters” – featuring members of the NENA Ecological Economics Working Group https://zoom.us/j/340803493
24 May NENA Training Webinar – “How strong self-awareness and self-governance can support our transition from the Old to the New Economy” https://zoom.us/j/934111717
21 June NENA Working Group Update – Indigenous Economics Working Group https://zoom.us/j/228404766
26 July NENA Training Webinar – “Food systems in the new economy” https://zoom.us/j/422656629
23 August NENA Working Group Update – NENA Conference Working Group https://zoom.us/j/986529581
20 September NENA Training Webinar – “Education in the New Economy” https://zoom.us/j/847106351
(no webinar in October, due to our Annual Conference)
22 November NENA Member Update – plans for 2019 https://zoom.us/j/329346231

If you have any questions, please email us anytime – neweconomy@earthlaws.org.au