Cities & Urban Communities

About the Hub

The Cities and Urban Communities Hub has the following goals:

  • To provide advice, resources ​and updated information about CITIES to other members of the Hub and the broader NENA Network.
  • To​ facilitate the development of projects, initiatives or ‘experiments​’ that build the new economy
  • Work together to​ identify core issues ​in the CITIES sector which need to change, in order to build the new economy.
  • Work together to​ identify strategies for progressing the change​ needed in CITIES.
  • To explore the role of CITIES as systems and therefore as the context through which other transitions may be understood; such as in energy, food, transport, housing as well as the future of work and money.
  • Identify and contribute strategic goals​ from the CITIES Hub, into the NENA Annual Strategy and other strategic documents.
  • To provide information about NENA, NENA’s work and events around Australia
  • To provide information about the work of the CITIES Hub to the NENA network via the website, social media, webinars, Annual Conferences and other opportunities

Convenors and Contact

Steven Liaros -
Emily Sims -

Current Activities and Upcoming Events

A key role of the Cities Hub will be to advance new economy projects of hub participants. We are collating a list of these and future hub meetings will offer members the opportunity to present their initiative with the aim of connecting potential collaborators. In the near future we will also invite geographic hubs to support the development of prototypes of these projects in their area.

Past Events


  • 'Smart urban governance for more than human' presentation, NENA 2021 Conference
    • Hira Sheikh and Peta Mitchell
  • 'Sharing Cities' presentation, NENA 2018 Conference
    • Darren Sharp (Social Surplus/Shareable), Inka Santala and Pauline McGuirk (University of Wollongong), Ian McBurney (bHive Coop)
  • 'Radical Urban Future Visions' presentation, NENA 2018 Conference
    • David Holmgren (Holmgren Design), Samuel Alexander (The University of Melbourne), Lauren Rickards (RMIT)