About the Hub

Objectives of the NENA Housing Hub:

  • Work together to identify strategies for progressing the change needed in HOUSING.
  • Provide advice, resources and updated information about HOUSING to other members of the Hub and the broader NENA Network.
  • Work together to identify core issues in the HOUSING sector which need to change, in order to build the new economy.
  • Identify and contribute strategic goals from the HOUSING Hub, into the NENA Annual Strategy and other strategic documents.

Our work will include the follow actions:

  • Interpret and catalogue existing issues in housing provision in Australia
  • To facilitate the development of projects, initiatives or ‘experiments’ that build the new economy
  • To explore the role of HOUSING as systems and therefore as the context through which other transitions may be understood; such as in energy, food, transport, housing as well as the future of work and money.
  • Collaborate on resources and projects with other NENA hubs and strategic partners
  • Identify barriers to the evolution of HOUSING sector


Elena Pereya and Michelle Maloney: email – nena@neweconomy.org.au

Hub Events

  • Stay tuned for information about NENA Housing Week 2022!

Past Events


  • Collaborative Housing: Building A Great Life Together
    • An excellent new Australian website, hosting information for collaborative housing, launched in late June 2019.  It includes information and links relevant to:cooperatives, collaborative retirement, co-housing, co-living, building groups, small blocks and intentional communities
  • 'Collaborative Housing' presentation, NENA 2021 Conference - Andrew McLean and Clair Ogden (Eco Villages Australia)