Rethinking Tourism for the New Economy

The COVID-19 pandemic has allowed a break from business as usual in tourism and opened up a window of opportunity to rethink tourism for greater social and ecological justice. This hub is dedicated to rethinking and transforming tourism in the interests of and for the wellbeing of local communities. Tourism has been usurped by particular interests for private profit accumulation when it is in fact a means for learning, cross-cultural engagement and wellbeing. This hub intends to revive and foster this public good focus of tourism so that tourism can play its beneficial part in building the new economy.

Objectives of the Hub:
  • To enable NENA members to meet for discussions, organise events, meetings, film screenings and other activities that bring people together to promote and support the development of new economy thinking in tourism
  • To prioritise Indigenous worldviews, values, wellbeing, rights, benefits and resurgence in the efforts of rethinking tourism for the new economy
  • Work together to identify core issues in tourism which need to change, in order to build the new economy
  • Work together to identify strategies for progressing the change needed in the sector
  • Provide advice, resources and updated information about the sector to other members of the Network
  • Identify and contribute strategic goals from the Sectoral Hub, into the NENA Annual Strategy and other strategic documents
  • Broaden the scope of the tourism sector by incorporating localism and place based language and biophilia assets into primary level curriculums

Resources for Rethinking Tourism

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