2020 Conference

9am Friday 20th November to 5pm Sunday 22nd November, 2020

The theme of NENA’s 2020 Conference was “New Economy—Work in Progress”, and the intention was to share the amazing work being done by individuals and organisations across Australia to build a new economy, focused on ecological health and social & economic justice.

This conference brought people together (online) from around Australia, to discuss topics as diverse as food, energy, housing, health, sustainability, local economies, commons, local currencies, cooperatives, social enterprises, universal basic income, creating systems change, degrowth and the steady state economy, participatory democracy, Modern Monetary Theory, alternatives to GDP and much more.

NENA’s Annual Conferences offer a space for NENA members and the wider community to meet up, share experiences, ideas, research and project updates, spark connections and collaborations and work together to progress our network and shared vision for a new economy.

COVID-19 and Virtual Conference

The dates for our 2020 conference were set in late 2019, before the outbreak of the COVID-19 virus. In light of the ongoing health risks and regulations regarding large gatherings, it was decided in July 2020 that the entire conference would be hosted online.

Who Should Attend?

First Nations people, social justice
 advocates, social entrepreneurs, small businesses and cooperatives, community development workers, change makers, environmentalists, local government, academics and researchers, students &
 interested members of the community.

Conference Coordinators

New Economy Network Australia, 2020 Conference Working Group::
Michelle Maloney, Meaghan Burkett, Sidsel Grimstad, Ann Apps, Andrew Ward & Hamed Hosseini

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