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  • Join Australia’s largest, multi-sectoral network of innovators, change makers and advocates working for an ecologically sound and socially just economy.
  • Use NENA’s Member Forum to find and connect with other members (coming soon!)
  • Connection, learning and networking with peers involved in similar essential work in the new economy. Find opportunities to collaborate on projects. As a member this can be done through a NENA hub, event, webinar, or other.
  • The ability to join or start a hub. Hubs are sectoral or locality-based clusters of organisations and/or individuals working on specific topics, themes or initiatives within the network. They serve to connect, deepen learning and development opportunities and enable people to work together to achieve shared objectives within a sector, or geographic area.
  • Support organising and hosting a NENA event. Create a conversation in your community about issues challenging our economic and planetary well-being. Membership will allow you to host people under the NENA banner, though a webinar, film night, symposium or community forum, to have meaningful discussions about key issues in the network.
  • Vote for office holders or stand for elections yourself for NENA’s Board, Strategy Group and Participatory Budget Group. NENA aims to be as participatory as possible in its governance structure, allowing for a range of ways to be involved.
  • Connect to international networks and organisations, such as RIPESS and the Wellbeing Economy Alliance.
  • Be invited to contribute to, or create your own initiative, to invite NENA-wide submissions to government on matters relevant to NENA’s guiding objectives.
  • Gain access to the latest developments in the new economy field as they happen and the ‘thinkers and doers’ behind all the action as it progresses.

People who are not members can still get involved with NENA


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