Money & Local Currencies

About the Hub

The goals of the NENA Money and Local Currencies Hub are:

  • To enable NENA members around Australia to meet via the internet, or in person, for discussions about alternative money systems, and to provide mutual support to each other and our projects
  • To provide an avenue for members of the Hub to share information, resources, news
  • To enable members to make time and space to develop collaborative projects where appropriate
  • To provide information about local currencies in the New Economy to the broader NENA network via the website, social media and webinars
  • To provide input about local currencies and alternative money systems in the new economy, into the NENA Annual Strategy

Hub convenors

Kevin Cox –


Local Currencies in Australia - Community Exchange Systems

Community Exchange System (CES) is a global network of people who trade goods, services and skills in their local communities using local currencies.

For more information about CES in Australia, and to find out about how to get involved, visit the CES website.

To find a local currency system near you, visit the CES website’s list.

For more information about CES, please email