“Commons” are that which we mutually depend on for our collective survival and wellbeing. They include the shared resources which are co-produced and managed by a community according to their own rules and norms.

Commons may be physical such as land, water and our climate; or they can be ‘invisible’, created by the processes of people working together e.g. open source software or shared knowledge.

Hub Objectives

The goals of the NENA Commons Hub are to:

  • Enable NENA members around Australia to meet (online and in person), for networking and to provide mutual support to each other and our projects.
  • Provide information about the commons in the New Economy to the broader NENA network via the website, social media and webinars.
  • Provide an avenue for members of the Hub to share information, resources and news about the commons.
  • Organise events, workshops, and meetings that support the goals of the Hub.
  • Enable members to make time and space to develop collaborative projects where appropriate.
  • Identify and contribute strategic goals concerning the commons into the NENA Annual Strategy and other strategic documents.

Hub Convenors

Hub Events

Check back soon for upcoming hub events.

Hub Webinars

  • ‘Protecting and Nurturing our Affected Commons’, 3 October 2020
  • 'A Commons Response to the Pandemic', 15 September 2020