National Civil Society Strategy for a New Economy

The New Economy Network Australia (NENA) is inviting individuals, collectives and organisations from around Australia, to join us during 2020, to co-create Australia’s first National Civil Society Strategy and Action Plan for the New Economy.

By working together – across NENA Hubs, NENA events and online platforms – we aim to map out shared priorities and pathways, to help us transition to new economies that achieve ecological sustainability and social justice.

Who should participate?


Through our Geographic Hubs (Local and Regional) and Sectoral Hubs around Australia, NENA is governed by a diverse, interconnected network of people.  We are inviting people from across Australia, to contribute to the development of a shared strategy, by sharing their opinions about priorities, actions and existing successes that we can build on.  Everyone is encouraged to participate, including: First Nations Peoples and communities, non-Indigenous community groups and businesses, and people working in health, education, energy, housing, land management, tourism, food production, research, fine and creative arts, banking and finance, production, retail, management and more.

How to Participate

1. Read about how to provide your input to NENA’s Civil Society Strategy for a New Economy

2. Fill out the template here to provide your input to the strategy.

3. Join us online, for monthly discussions throughout 2020. (see below)

Monthly Strategy Meetings - Online

All NENA Members are invited to join monthly online meetings, to start working on the creation of Australia's FIRST Civil Society Strategy for a New Economy.

Everyone's welcome!

The meetings and process will be lead by the NENA Strategy Development Group, elected at last year's NENA elections.

The goal of our Online Strategy Development Meetings will be to ensure that all NENA Members and Hubs can connect with each other, share updates, and work together (online, and leading up to 'in person' meetings at the 2020 NENA Conference) to co-create our first National Civil Society Strategy for the New Economy.

No registration is required, please just join us on the night.

If you have any questions, please email:



Date and Time Month Zoom Link
Tuesday 10th March @ 6pm Qld time (AEST) March Meeting LINK TO THE ZOOM RECORDING (audio only)
PowerPoint Presentation slides (.pptx)
Tuesday 7th April @ 6pm Qld time (AEST) April Meeting LINK TO ZOOM RECORDING
Tuesday 12th May @ 6pm AEST May Meeting
Wednesday 15th July @ 6pm AEST July Meeting
Tuesday 11th August @ 6pm AEST August Meeting
Tuesday 8th September @ 6pm AEST September Meeting
Tuesday 6th October @ 6pm AEST October Meeting
***** NOVEMBER – meetings at NENA Annual Conference – 20 to 22 November, Newcastle *****