The climate and ecological crisis we face demands a rapid, just transition away from fossil fuels, to embrace renewable energy production, and wide spread adoption of energy efficiency measures (large scale reduction of energy consumption). Around the world we have seen citizen-led energy movements working to replace fossil fuels with new energy that is sustainable, fair and cost efficient.

Innovative solutions such as solar gardens and energy cooperatives can simultaneously address the climate crisis, whilst empowering communities through local job creation and enabling self-determination.


Hub Objectives

The goals of the NENA Energy Hub are to:

  • Enable NENA members around Australia to connect (online and in person), to provide mutual support to each other and our community energy projects.
  • Provide an avenue for members of the Hub to share information, resources and news about the transition to renewable energy.
  • Organise events, workshops, and meetings that support the goals of the Hub.
  • Enable members to make time and space to develop collaborative projects where appropriate.
  • Provide information about sustainable energy initiatives in the New Economy to the broader NENA network via the website, social media and webinars.
  • Identify and contribute strategic goals concerning energy into the NENA Annual Strategy and other strategic documents.

Hub Convenors

Upcoming Events

Check back soon for upcoming hub events and activities

Past Events

‘Australia’s First Large-Scale Solar Garden’, 29 October 2020