WEAll Australia


NENA hosts the Australian hub of the global Wellbeing Economy Alliance (WEAll).

WEAll Hubs are place-based/country-based groups that promote new narratives, policies and ideas to make the wellbeing economy a reality.

WEAll Hub Australia hosts its own activities and projects, and works as a 'nested partnership' with NENA to promote a wellbeing economy across all sectors in Australia.  The WEAll Australia Hub is led by a core group of volunteers including: Dr Michelle Maloney (NENA/AELA), Prof. Robert Costanza (ANU), Dr Mike Salvaris (Australian National Development Index), Saul Cresswell (Sustainable Economies Officer, Margaret River Council), James Ward Uni of SA), and Rhiannon Hardwick (NENA).


  • Survey to assess what Australians want from their economy and society - coming soon!
  • Strategies to develop Wellbeing Budgets with Governments in Australia - more details available soon
  • Webinars (in partnership with NENA)
    • October - Designing Policy for a Wellbeing Economy, hosted by Amanda Janoo, Knowledge and Policy Lead for the Wellbeing Economy Alliance.
    • November - Australia's Wellbeing Economy Movement - where to from here? Hosted by the WEAll Australia Hub Core Group

If you'd like to connect with WEALL Australia, please email us!