Arts & Culture

Objectives of the Hub

The NENA Arts and Culture Hub has been created to:

  • Engage in collaborative policy and advocacy work; research, training/education events and activities that support the central role of the arts, culture and creativity in the new economy
  • Identify issues in the arts and culture sector which need to be strengthened or transformed, in order to build the new economy
  • Identify and contribute strategic goals from the Arts & Culture sector, into the NENA Annual Strategy and other strategic documents
  • Develop and distribute resources, regular publications and newsletters that support Arts& Culture within the new economy
  • Organise events, workshops, and meetings that support the goals of the Hub

Hub Convenors

Catherine van Wilgenburg and Michelle Maloney

Upcoming meetings

Our next meeting is:

Wednesday 7th October @ 1.30pm Eastern Standard Time (Brisbane)  and 2.30pm Eastern Daylight Saving Time (Sydney, Melbourne, Hobart) - please contact the Hub convenors for the zoom link and more details

NENA's Arts & Culture Hub is an opportunity for arts and cultural workers to support each other in growing new models of cultural work in cross discipline, intercultural innovative enterprises  Everyone's welcome to join us and share your experience, vision and skills