The New Economy Network Australia (NENA) works to facilitate connections, showcase and promote innovative projects, build peer-to-peer learning and use collective strategies to advocate for change, so that we can build a strong movement of people demanding, creating and benefiting from a ‘new’ economy.

There are three dimensions to NENA’s work: we are building networks, connections and shared initiatives:

  1. within specific geographic areas such as towns/cities, regions and states;
  2. within and across different sectors within the new economy, including: sustainable food, energy, transport, housing, indigenous economics, ecological economics and many more; and
  3. that prioritise specific strategic goals every year.

To carry out our work, NENA is made up of a growing number of connected, semi-autonomous Sectoral and Geographic Hubs that bring people together to focus on different issues in the new economy.  NENA also has a central coordinating hub that provides support to our Hubs across Australia, and secretariat support to our elected groups.

NENA Hub Guide

Please read our NENA Hub Guide, for information about how to create, join and manage a NENA Hub:

PDF version - MS Word version

For all inquiries, please email:

NENA Coordinating Hub -

  • NENA National Coordinators - Michelle Maloney, Rhiannon Hardwick and James Lee -
  • NENA Journal -
  • NENA Radio - Anna Garnock and Scotty Foster
  • NENA Social Media & Communications - Michelle Maloney, Rhiannon Hardwick
  • NENA Website and Event Updates - James Lee, Rhiannon Hardwick and Michelle Maloney

NENA Geographic Hubs

To get in touch with the Geographic Hub Convenors in your local area, please email:

NENA Sectoral Hubs

To get in touch with the Sectoral Hub Convenors listed below, please visit the individual webpages for details, or email: