NENA Membership

Why become a NENA member?

Read about the benefits of NENA membership.

Rights and Responsibilities of NENA Membership

Read about the rights and responsibilities of NENA membership.

Payment Options for NENA Membership
Payment options for individuals

There are two payment options for individuals:

  1. Pay online via credit card or debit card (see below for more details)
    • The NENA Membership is a SUBSCRIPTION service and will automatically renew annually. You can cancel your membership at any time by logging into your online NENA Member Account and cancelling future payments.
  2. Pay without money, using your local LETS scheme – “Local Exchange Trading Scheme”.
    If you would like to pay for your individual NENA membership via LETS, please visit our LETS member application page, fill out the online membership application form, tell us your LETS member number and we’ll help you process your membership application.

    • If you’re not a member of your local LETS scheme but would like to find out more, please visit Community Exchange System Australia to learn about the many LETS schemes around Australia.
    • You’ll receive a membership renewal email notice every year, on the anniversary of your membership.
Payment options for Organisations

Organisations are invited to pay for their membership via credit or debit card, on a sliding scale set out in the payment table below.

For all questions about membership, please email:

Using the NENA Members Forum and NENA Directory
NENA Members Forum

Once you become a member of NENA, you’re automatically able to join the NENA Members' Forum. This space helps members find each other, have online discussions, join NENA Hub groups, create private working groups with other members and stay in touch with NENA Member news.

NENA Directory

All NENA Members can easily contribute listings to the publicly accessible NENA Directory. Use your single NENA Member login to access the NENA Member Forum and submit to the NENA Directory.

Become a Member

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