NENA Membership – Rights and Responsibilities

Individuals and Organisations are invited to become members of NENA.

Membership is governed in accordance with the NENA Constitution, NENA Operational Guide and NENA Code of Conduct.

Membership Rights

Every Individual and Organisational Member has a right to vote for the elected bodies within NENA’s Governance Structure, as follows:

  • one vote for the NENA Board of Directors
  • one vote for members of the NENA Strategy Group
  • one vote for the NENA Participatory Budget Group

NENA Members also have a right to join any NENA Hubs they’re interested in and accessing all information and opportunities open to members.

Membership Responsibilities

As an Incorporated Cooperative, every NENA Member is required to fulfil NENA’s cooperative membership requirements as follows:

  • Join a Sectoral or Geographic Hub – which requires you to participate in just two meetings per year (via zoom or in person)
  • OR volunteer 6-8 hours of your time to work for NENA projects, as approved by the Board of Directors

Denial or Termination of Membership

The NENA Constitution sets out all provisions relating to the acceptance and termination of members.  Membership can be terminated if a member breaches the Code of Conduct.