Health & Wellbeing

~ Health & Wellbeing Hub ~

 ~ Our Purpose ~

To support and inspire our fellow NENA Health & Wellbeing Hub members, in creating a more beautiful world of wellbeing.

~ Our Vision ~

We recognise the interconnected web of life, as being the source of wellbeing for all. We create wellbeing for ourselves, our communities, and our ecosystems, understanding that wholistic health and wellbeing can only fully be realised for ourselves, when wholistic wellbeing is achieved for all life-forms on the planet.

When you replace the 'I' in 'illness', with 'we', you create 'wellness' for all: I am you, and you are me - our wellbeing emerges from each other’s wellbeing - and our collective health is deeply rooted in our connection to Mother Earth and her plants, animals, air, water and land that sustain us.

~ Our Mission of Interweaving ~

 ~ Reinstating wellbeing as the common wealth of humanity

~ Reimagining our healthcare systems

~ Bringing love, belonging and dignity to every being

~ Regenerating our earth and unifying our future

~ Re-villaging our relationships and our communities

~ Birthing our collective wellbeing revolution

~ Holding enhancement of life as our creed & calling

~ Reclaiming our role as care holders of each other

~ Co-flourishing the 'more beautiful world' into being

~ Weaving gossamer threads of justice, equality, liberty, diversity & harmony through all tiers of our communities

Featured Webinar (NENA 2021 Conference): Community-supported herbalism and cooperative models of healthcare

Past Events

Health & Wellbeing Hub Webinar May 6 2021 - 'The Power of Light in Health and Healing' Part 1 and Part 2

NENA National Webinar 23 July 2020 - 'Human Health in a Wellbeing Economy'

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