The New Economy Network Australia (NENA) is a network of individuals and organisations working to transform Australia’s economic system so that achieving ecological health and social justice are the foundational principles and primary objectives of the economic system.

NENA works to facilitate connections, showcase and promote innovative projects, build peer-to-peer learning and use collective strategies to create and advocate for change, so that we can build a strong movement of people demanding, creating and benefiting from a ‘new’ economy.

There are three dimensions to NENA’s work: we are building networks, connections and shared initiatives:

  1. within specific geographic areas such as towns/cities, regions and states.
    Please read about our Geographic Hubs for more information
  2. across different sectors within the new economy, including: sustainable food, energy, transport, housing, indigenous economics, ecological economics and many more. Please read about our Sectoral Hubs for more information.
  3. that prioritise specific strategic goals every year. (Information about NENA’s Annual Strategic Plan will be available soon)

To carry out our work, NENA is made up of a growing number of connected, semi-autonomous Sectoral and Geographic Hubs that bring people together to focus on different issues in the new economy. NENA also has a central coordinating hub that provides support to our Hubs across Australia, and secretariat support to our elected groups.

New Economy News from Australia and Abroad

  • ‘New economics’ – the way to save the planet?

    May 10, 2019

    The science is in: the endless pursuit of economic growth is devouring the foundations of life on Earth, and no country – rich or poor – can expect to escape dire consequences if things go on as they are. So how might the world change course?

    Though still confined to the fringes, a globally dispersed but ... Read more...

  • A closer look at the Circular Economy

    April 25, 2019

    Have you had any reservations about the “circular economy”? If so, you’re not alone. Many critics point out that there’s no such thing as a truly ‘circular economy’, due to that pesky reality known as “entropy”. Others say it’s just another ‘green wash’ for business as usual. The founder of ecological economics and Steady State ... Read more...

  • Gig Watch

    April 24, 2019

    The gig economy has grown significantly over the past 5 years, in Australia and around the world. The OECD has estimated that on-line platforms for information, goods and services dominate the top 15 of the world’s largest internet based companies; and a European study suggests that one worker in 40 relies on the gig economy ... Read more...

  • Transitions Film Festival presents: Visions for a better world

    March 28, 2019 Transition Film Festival

    After a high impact 8th year in Melbourne, The Transitions Film Festival returns to Sydney this April with an inspiring selection of 8 world-changing films.

    Focusing on documentaries that explore the forces and innovations shaping our lives and the solutions to our greatest collective challenges, the festival aims to ... Read more...

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NENA Journal

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Melbourne’s Federation Square was Corporatised Fourteen Years Ago

Aaron Magro

Melbourne’s Federation Square was Corporatised Fourteen Years Ago
Heritage Victoria’s decision to save Federation Square’s Yarra Building from demolition is no doubt a great victory for the heritage movement, and the people of Melbourne. Launched soon after the announcement in November 2016 that the Yarra building was to be replaced with a flagship Apple store, the strong grass...


Exploitation in the gig economy: Lee Lin Chin is having Uber Eats, why shouldn’t I?

Laura Blandthorn

Exploitation in the gig economy: Lee Lin Chin is having Uber Eats, why shouldn’t I?
The ‘gig economy’ describes a recently developed industry of ‘on demand’ workers engaged to complete work through smartphone apps. Download an app, select a service or product, and it’s at your door. The work and services provided vary, and include the delivery of food and alcohol, transportation, trades and accommodation....


Reaching out: Impressions from the 2019 Marxism Conference, Melbourne

Thomas Kern, Nicholas McGuigan

Reaching out: Impressions from the 2019 Marxism Conference, Melbourne
What did you do over the Easter long weekend? We hope you managed to enjoy a peaceful and relaxing break. We on the other hand could not be bothered to join the queues at any of the more conventional Easter destinations and decided instead to take a short break at...


Permaculture Pedals Part 2: Personal Doubts and My Changing Political Outlook

Michael Crear

Permaculture Pedals Part 2: Personal Doubts and My Changing Political Outlook
This is the second in a 4-part series telling the story of Mick Crear’s decision to leave his job, and all the baggage that came with it, to pursue a simpler, richer life as a permaculturist cycling around Australia. I left on the morning of the 14th January, 2018, a...