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About the Hub

The NENA Canberra Hub has been created to build connections between local people in Canberra and the ACT, who are interested in building a new economy, and to connect with the wider NENA network around Australia and around the world.

We meet every month, and everyone’s welcome to join us.


Please contact us anytime if you have any questions, or would like to connect with people in Canberra

  • Scotty Foster
  • Kevin Cox

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Upcoming Events

Coops Commons and Communities Canberra

The next Coops Commons and Communities Canberra meetup will be this coming Monday, 26th August, 7pm at The Food Coop Shop in the City.

Find them with this link

We catch up on the last Monday of every month.

This month we will be using a Zoom video conference, so folks from far and wide can join in using this link!

You will need to download the Zoom Clint for Meetings onto your computer / phone / tablet etc, if you don't yet have it, from here:

We will have a talk at 7pm followed by QnA with the guest speakers, then a discussion on a related topic.

The Talk: Co-operative Health - worker owned and customer owned

The National Health Co-op is a Canberra grown, customer owned coop dedicated to providing access to health care - particularly in places where commercial GP practices can no longer be found.

The Co-operative Life is a Sydney based worker owned health care provider, working in elder care and disability support, among other things. There are rumors that they are considering Canberra as an option for expansion.

They will both be coming along to tell their story.

Related Discussion: bring your own thoughts!

How can these stories contribute to the Co-operatives, Commons and Communities in the Canberra region, now and in the future?


Our website is a work in progress too!

Feel free to volunteer for any of these projects, or help coordinate our monthly talks!

You can bring your own meals to the meetups, and tea will be available there. If you get there early, the shop is also packed with food!

CoCanberra talks are recorded through our collaboration with Radio Behind the Lines and the NENA Radio podcast. Once they have been edited, you can find them on the behind the lines soundcloud site here.

Past Events

The NENA Canberra Hub hosted an afternoon workshop on Sunday 23rd June from 4pm to 8.30pm, all the details are in the poster below.