Canberra Region

NENA Canberra Regional Hub

About the Hub

The NENA Canberra Regional Hub has been created to build connections between people in Canberra and the areas surrounding the ACT, who are interested in building a new economy. We also connect with the wider NENA network around Australia.

We hold our monthly meetups in tandem with Co-ops, Commons and Communities Canberra (CoCanberra) who are building the first “Climate Co-ops” to begin building the new economy within the shell of the old.

“You never change things by fighting the existing reality.
To change something, build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete.”
― Buckminster Fuller


Please contact us anytime if you have any questions, or would like to connect with people in Canberra

  • Scotty Foster –

Upcoming Events

Monthly Meetups:

Whether you want to find out more, make connections, talk theory, find the others, or get stuck in to actually building the environmental and social solutions we so desperately need, the monthly NENA / CoCanberra meetups are for you!

The meetups are not boring organising meetings, instead we have a talk or panel followed by QnA, or some other event. We begin at 7pm, and finish by 9pm. Everyone is welcome to join us.

In normal times, we meet on the last Monday of every month, 7pm at The Food Coop Shop in the City.

During the plague, we will meet via zoom only, at the same time.

You can bring your own meals to the meetups, and tea will be available there. If you get there early, the Co-op shop is also packed with top notch food! (closing time is 7pm)


Volunteering opportunities are always open!

NENA Canberra Region / CoCanberra projects include:

Current projects:

Feel welcome to volunteer for any of these projects, or help coordinate our monthly meetups!

Future projects (subject to interest and volunteer availability) include:

  • A Combined Trades, Union Co-op
  • Community Owned, renewable powered electric vehicle charging and car sharing network
  • Aged care and disability care Co-op – with help from The Co-operative Life
  • Co-operative schooling

Past Events


  • Jan 2020 - NENA /CoCan Meetup:  Community Development - Workshop on two Comunity Development tools, Community Asset Mapping and Puzzle Problem Speed Dating.
  • Feb 2020 - NENA /CoCan Meetup:  Presentation of the intentions of, and main components of CoCanberra’s proposed Community Owned Farming Enterprise Co-op
  • March 2020: Going Local - the benefits, challenges and strategies - Panel and Q and A
  • April 2020: NENA's Civil Society Strategy for a New Economy – Brainstorm - gathering input from the Canberra Regional Hub
  • May 2020: NENA's Civil Society Strategy for a New Economy – Strategy development - Mental health: creating a holistic view


  • Jan 28th 2019 - NENA /CoCan Meetup: Case study - Cote Jardins - community supported agriculture in France
  • Feb 25th 2019 - NENA /CoCan Meetup:  Web linkup - Meet the current CoCanberra Partners - ORICoop, Earthworker, SEE-Change, Pingala Co-op
  • Mar 25th 2019 - NENA /CoCan Meetup:  Web linkup - Intro to East Gippsland - before the NENA East Gippsland symposium
  • Apr 29th 2019 - NENA /CoCan Meetup:  Case study - The Food Co-op Shop
  • May 27th 2019 - NENA /CoCan Meetup:  Case study - Canberra Alliance for Participatory Democracy
  • Jun 23rd 2019: New Economy Network of Australia event: What should our economy look like in 2030?
  • Jun 24th 2019 - NENA /CoCan Meetup:  Case study - Trove Co-op - Artist owned shopfront
  • Jul 29th 2019 - NENA /CoCan Meetup:  Case study - Harmony cleaning co-op - worker owned - union co-op - refugee enterprise
  • Aug 26th 2019 - NENA /CoCan Meetup:  Case study - Co-operative health care - The National Health Co-op and The Co-operative Life
  • Sep 30th 2019 - NENA /CoCan Meetup:  Community Development - Regenerative food systems in the Canberra region - part 1 
  • Oct 28th 2019 - NENA /CoCan Meetup:  Reframing CoCanberra - the new CoCanberra mission and vision
  • Nov 25th 2019 - NENA /CoCan Meetup:  Community Development - Housing Co-ops and related organisations - part 1
  • Dec 2019 - NENA /CoCan Meetup:  Party Time!! - rather small this year due to heavy smoke.