NENA is an emerging network, created at the 2016 ‘Building the New Economy’ conference held in Sydney. NENA is being created to support the fantastic work being done by individuals and organisations around Australia, who want to build a new economic system that’s ecologically healthy and socially just. NENA is currently ‘under construction’ and aims to facilitate connections, support and peer-to-peer learning, so that we can build a strong movement of people demanding, creating and benefitting from a ‘new’ economy.

Many different movements have emerged around the world focused on the concept of a ‘New Economy’. Although they use different names, such as the Social Economy, Solidarity Economy, Sharing Economy, Collaborative Economy, Peer to Peer Economy, Steady State Economy and Community Economy, they all share two key goals:

  • (i) to challenge the current dominant system with its reliance on fossil fuels, large scale resource extraction and socially unjust structures and wealth distribution, and;
  • (ii) to create and strengthen diverse economies that serve the needs of people in ways that are socially just, culturally diverse and ecologically sustainable.

If you’re interested in being part of the movement that’s building NENA, read about our history, visit the page from our 2016 Conference and our 2017 Conference, consider joining one of our Working Groups, sign up to our email list and/or send us an email:

NENA is facilitated and auspiced by the Australian Earth Laws Alliance (AELA). Please click here to find out more about AELA’s awesome work.