Democracy & Governance

Hub Objectives

The Democracy and Governance Hub was created to enable NENA members to:

  • Work together to identify core issues in Australian democracy and governance which need to change, in order to build the new economy
  • Work together to identify strategies for progressing the change needed in the sector.
  • Provide advice, resources and updated information about democracy and governance to other members of the Network.
  • Identify and contribute strategic goals to include in the NENA Annual Strategy and other strategic documents.

Hub Convenors

Sonia Randhawa   
Meaghan Burkett  

Hub Events

Hub meetings

Hub meeting dates coming soon

Hub webinars

13th July - NENA's Democracy and Governance Hub is co-hosting a webinar with the NENA Newcastle/Hunter Hub titled "Building Participatory Democracy Across the Hunter and Central Coast"
For more information, please visit the facebook event page or the Open Collective booking page.

Hub Resources

coming soon