Narratives & Storytelling

NENA Narratives Hub

About the Hub

The objectives of NENA’s narratives hub are to:

  • Provide a space for NENA members to explore the role of stories and narratives in the transformation towards a new economy and a flourishing sustainable future
  • Share knowledge about how to effectively work with storytelling and narrative change at multiple scales
  • Explore ways to critique and undermine dominant economic narratives that are not consistent with human wellbeing and ecological integrity
  • Look for new memes, stories and narratives that can support transformation
  • Engage in collaborative action research projects to transform narratives and learn what works.


Hub Convenors

If you would like more information about the Hub, or would like to join a discussion, please contact Chris Riedy ( or Michelle Maloney (


Current projects

  • Survey on New Stories for a Sustainable Future (
  • Visioning workshops to find common ground in our stories of an ideal future
  • Scoping a storytelling project to engage the general public in telling stories about their ideal future and connection to place
  • Connecting New Economy Stories with New Economy Arts projects


Join our discussions!

Our next meeting is Tuesday 11th August 2020 @ 10am-11.30am

Everyone's welcome to join us to discuss how to communicate about the new economy - please contact the Hub convenors for the zoom link for the meeting, or for more information


The hub convenors are connected to the work of the SDG Transformations Forum on transforming narratives (

Chris Riedy delivered a webinar on future narratives on 6th November 2019. (PDF, 2.2MB)