Narratives & Storytelling

NENA Narratives Hub

About the Hub

The objectives of NENA’s narratives hub are to:

  • Provide a space for NENA members to explore the role of stories and narratives in the transformation towards a new economy and a flourishing sustainable future
  • Share knowledge about how to effectively work with storytelling and narrative change at multiple scales
  • Explore ways to critique and undermine dominant economic narratives that are not consistent with human wellbeing and ecological integrity
  • Look for new memes, stories and narratives that can support transformation
  • Engage in collaborative action research projects to transform narratives and learn what works.

Hub Convenors

If you would like more information about the Hub, or would like to join a discussion, please contact Chris Riedy ( or Michelle Maloney (

Upcoming Events

  • NENA Narratives Festival 2022 - stay tuned for more information!


Past NENA webinars and discussions

  • "Communicating about the New Economy", 11 August, 2020 - a NENA Narratives Hub webinar and discussion, hosted by Chris Riedy and Michelle Maloney
  • "Future Narratives", 6 November 2019 - Chris Riedy delivered a webinar on future narratives (PDF, 2.2MB)

International networks

The hub convenors are connected to the work of the SDG Transformations Forum on transforming narratives (