East Gippsland Symposium – April 2019

"Building a New Economy for East Gippsland"

2 day grass roots economics fiesta
Wednesday 10 and Thursday 11 April 2019
Lake Tyers Beach Hall, 1 Mill Point Rd, Toorloo Arm, 3909, East Gippsland, Victoria


Join us for an exciting two-day grass roots symposium that will showcase East Gippsland's local economy and explore exciting new opportunities for the local community to build a sustainable, productive economy for the region over the long term.

East Gippsland is one of Australia's most beautiful regions. Featuring Alpine High Country, the Snowy River, ancient lakes including Lake Tyers, lush forests and a spectacular coastal region, East Gippsland is rich in natural heritage. The region is also under threat with the continued extraction of natural resources to support the current economic models and the potential for future unsustainable development to create further impact on the natural beauty of East Gippsland.

This symposium will bring together local businesses, social enterprises, cooperatives and social initiatives in sectors as diverse as tourism, food production, renewable energy, health care, housing, land management and the arts. And it will also feature visitors and guest speakers who will share updates about exciting new initiatives around Australia and around the world.

Don't miss this important opportunity to learn about new ideas and approaches that will help us all build a regenerative economy that will support people and nature in this region for the long term.

The event will feature presentations, hands-on workshops, open-mic discussions, training sessions, a market day and several connected side events including a community breakfast.



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