NENA Podcast Invitation


The NENA Coordinating Team invites everyone to showcase their work and connect with the Australian new economy community, by being part of the NENA Podcast.


NENA Hubs. A fantastic, fractal way to organise a new way of living through localities and through sectors. But who are the interesting people in them? What projects are they doing and why? What is going on in Perth, or Newcastle? What has NENA been working on around housing, first nations economics and organising, or soil building farming, or anything else? Wouldn’t you like to know?

The NENA Podcast is designed to help fill this gap. We will be talking to NENA folks all around the country about what, where and why they do their work. Our fabulous Coordinating Team members, Anna Garnock, Scotty Foster and Catherine Van Wilgenberg have created the NENA Podcast to showcase NENA initiatives and actors across Australia.

To listen to our episodes, visit the podcast playlist HERE. The NENA Podcast is hosted by the Align in the Sound podcast, where you can already hear heaps of NENA content from our 2020 , 2018 , 2017 and 2016 Conferences. To receive NENA Podcast episodes (plus much more) as they come out, you can subscribe to the Align in the Sound podcast through any reputable podcatcher.

We are keen to hear from anyone else who would like to join the team. We have lots more NENA content to share with the world, and not enough hours to get it all done! Training is provided.

For more information, please visit our NENA Podcast webpage , and you can get in touch with us at:


Anna Garnock
Scotty Foster

NENA Radio -

NENA Podcast Coordinating Team

SCOTTY FOSTER is a solar powered, radio broadcasting, organic growing, co-operative creating, earth and people protecting lunatic worker from Canberra, Australia.

He currently earns a meagre living doing on and off grid solar, and general electrical work.

His real work is through community groups (Co-operatives, Commons and Communities Canberra and the New Economy Network of Australia), and community radio 2XX in Canberra.

He believes that every community has the potential to self-organise and provide for its own needs. Through podcast and radio a community can connect, communicate, co-ordinate, learn, explore and harmonise itself.

Scotty is lead editor and editing trainer for the NENA Podcast

ANNA GARNOCK is star-dust gone funky. In the interstellar medium of life, her molecular cloud expresses itself as an enthusiastic, deeply curious, career-jumping and hobbies-juggling mess. In the midst of this cosmic jumble, the cloud regularly rearranges itself and forms new stars of tree-hugging, animal-honouring and people-advocating focus and direction. When these new stars inevitably die, they return as star-dust, travelling back into the cosmos as regeneration, restoration, realignment and renewal, before the cycle starts again.

Back on planet Earth, Anna resides on Awabakal Country (west of Newcastle, NSW) in an off-grid tiny house on wheels that she, her partner and her dog built. She enjoys facilitating school students to speak up to politicians about how we can take action to be more sustainable, and working to support people with disabilities.

Anna is excited to connect with individuals from all over the continent about how they are proactively driving change away from our growth-focussed, neoliberal economic system. She feels privileged to be apart of an accessible platform showcasing these shared stories of people building a new economy that protects our planets biosphere, climate, Indigenous culture and knowledge, society, and/or animal habitats and wellbeing.


Director Living Colour Studio Art & Architecture & Director EcoArt Systems Australia

Co-convenor of the NENA Arts & Culture Hub.

Catherine arrived in Australia disconnected from her European background by extensive overseas travel and experience of tribal life in Papua New Guinea. Building a new life with new eyes involved an awakening to the powerful Aboriginal presence not experienced in Europe since the attempted wipe out of Indigenous peoples throughout Europe in the past five hundred years.

Her interdisciplinary collaborative EcoArts practice straddles painting, performance art, installation and community cultural development projects. It is inspired by relationships with Wurundjeri elders and environmental scientists at Iramoo Grassland Reserve, St Albans & Cairnlea in Melbourne’s West and now with Gunaikurnai elders in East Gippsland. 

She works across disciplines: as an exhibiting painter, digital storyteller, commissioned for theatre set design, in an innovative community cultural development arts initiative in housing commission flats; as a lecturer at the Victorian College of the Arts, and as a costume designer designing for the ‘Theorem’ in which hundreds of disadvantaged and disabled people participated in a state wide visual art and theatre production ‘Theorem’ performed at the Melbourne Concert Hall.

Her ongoing research is to activate the role of the artist in communities – an amalgam of roles seen in previous centuries -  individual creative, animateur, translator of collective images, political image maker, community voice.