New Economy Journal is the official journal of the New Economy Network Australia. The Journal publishes material that supports the Network’s mission to transform Australia’s economy so that achieving ecological health and social justice are its foundational principles and primary objectives.

New Economy Journal is a place for contribution and conversation for those interested and involved in the New Economy movement. In 2022, the New Economy Journal will publish pieces on a monthly basis under six broad themes. New articles will be released on the first Tuesday of every month. The selection of articles released each month may be aligned to any of the Journal themes.

The Journal themes for 2022/2023 are:

The Journal will help achieve NENA’s goals to “facilitate connections, showcase and promote innovative projects, build peer-to-peer learning and use collective strategies to create and advocate for change”. The Journal will highlight, document and disseminate information about what is happening in the New Economy movement in Australia and around the world, encourage discourse and debate, facilitate connections, and produce a historical record in the process.

New Economy Journal is an open platform and encourages unsolicited submissions. If you would like to submit a piece for publication, find more information at Submit to the Journal.

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Who are we?

Managing Editors

Dr Michelle Maloney

email: nena@neweconomy.org.au

Michelle is Co-Founder and Director of NENA, and Co-Founder and Director of the Australian Earth Laws Alliance. Michelle provides editorial advice to the New Economy Journal team and acts as the connecting point between the New Economy Journal, NENA Coordinating Hub and the NENA Board of Directors.

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James Tait

email: james.tait@neweconomy.org.au

James is a volunteer with NENA and co-editor of the New Economy Journal. James is currently a PhD candidate at RMIT University studying wellbeing economies and policymaking in a post-COVID Melbourne.

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Sian Townend

email: sian@neweconomy.org.au

Sian is a volunteer with the NENA Coordinating Hub and acts as an Editor of the New Economy Journal. Sian works in the international development sector and is interested in exploring alternative and more sustainable models of development. She is currently completing postgraduate studies in anthropology and development, and is undertaking research on alternative food systems and local food movements in Latin America.

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Theme Editors

Morag Gamble

Theme Editor for New Economy & Permaculture

email: morag@ourpermaculturelife.com

Permaculture is Morag Gamble’s life. For 25 years she worked as a permaculture educator and designer in 22 countries on 5 continents. She lives in the United Nations World Habitat award-winning permaculture village near Maleny surrounded by perennial permaculture abundance in the ‘off-grid’ home she built with her family. Morag leads the Permaculture Education Institute, Our Permaculture Life and the Permaculture Life YouTube channel. She also cofounded Northey Street City Farm and the Australian City Farms and Community Gardens Network, and leads the permaculture charity, Ethos Foundation.

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Thomas Kern

Theme Editor for New Economy & Business / New Economy & Money

email: thomas@thomaskern.net

Thomas is co-instigator of The Accountability Institute. He is a speaker, facilitator, permaculture activist, and community event-maker. Thomas co-instigates The Accountability Institute to push forward accounting education in creative and dynamic ways. Thomas has held positions in financial accounting across Australia, New Zealand and Germany. He was Head of the IFRS (International Financial Reporting Standards) Competence Centre of an international commercial bank based in Hamburg, Germany, and taught at the Frankfurt School of Finance and Management. He recently headlined the 2018 ACSEAR conference facilitating transdisciplinary conversation with internationally renowned permaculture designer and 2017 Advance Global Australian Agriculture Award Winner, Rosemary Morrow.

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Associate Professor Nicholas McGuigan

Theme Editor for New Economy & Arts

email: nicholas.mcguigan@monash.edu

Nick works as an Innovator, Instigator and Disruptor to create future-oriented business education programs that focus on innovation, creativity and design thinking. He has a particular passion for accountability - he is a co-founder of The Accountability Institute, a progressive platform fostering collaborations between art, science, technology and economics, bringing these fields into conversation to create a new language of business – a language of accountability. He researches in the areas of integrated thinking, learning technologies, holistic systems design and regenerative economics. This has led to the awarding of competitive research funds of over a million Australian dollars, including Federal State level grants in both Australia and Germany. He has published widely in international accounting and education journals, been invited to present at research centres and professional organisations in the UK, US Europe, Australia and New Zealand. He serves on boards and committees of the American Accounting Association (AAA) and the Accounting and Finance Association of Australia and New Zealand (AFAANZ). Nick is an Associate Editor of Accounting Education, Issues in Accounting Education and Higher Education and Research (HERD) Journal. He instigated Monash Business School’s newly created Artist-In-Residency program, conceptually designed the world’s first ever accounting perfume and together with the accounting profession is embarking on research that investigates a Queer perspective of accounting.

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Dr Haydn Washington (with Dr Michelle Maloney)

Theme Editors for Ecological Economics

email: haydnwashington@bigpond.com

Haydn is an environmental scientist and writer and activist with a 40-year history in environmental science. He also writes extensively on ecological economics and ecological ethics. He is an Adjunct Lecturer in the PANGEA Research Centre, BEES, UNSW. His books include ‘Climate Change Denial: Heads in the Sand’ (2011 with John Cook), ‘Human Dependence on Nature’ (2013), ‘Demystifying Sustainability’ (2015) and ‘A Sense of Wonder Towards Nature’ (2018). Haydn is Co-Director of the NSW Chapter of the Centre for the Advancement of a Steady State Economy, and is on the Advisory Board of the journals ‘Ecological Citizen’ and ‘Sustainability’. He is also on the Steering Committee of the new group ‘GENIE’ (www.ecodemocracy.net).

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Kelsey Buchanan

Kelsey Buchanan

Kelsey is a graduate of the Master of International Relations from the University of Melbourne, where she wrote a thesis studying incremental norm change in politics and policy. She is now a part-time data-cruncher and union delegate in the social research sector, sessional teacher in Social Sciences at UniMelb, and full-time perfectionist. She has one cat and many plants.


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