Women in the New Economy

Hub Objectives

The goal of the "Women in the New Economy" Hub is to connect women, women identifying and feminised people across the network, share stories and experiences, and amplify the amazing role that women play in building, visioning and shaping the new economy. It is also a place to share experiences from other women, women identifying and feminised peoples across the globe contributing to new economies and to develop our shared understanding of feminist contribution to new economy thinking and practise.

Hub Coordinators

  • Sara C. Motta, University of Newcastle
  • Myfan Jordan, Grassroots Research Studio
    Email hub coordinators here: womenshub@neweconomy.org.au

Past Events

  • 'Feminising New Economies and Post-Covid Futures', 6 December 2021 - Myfan Jordan, Kamaljit K Sangha, Ybiskay Gonzalez, Kumari Abeydeera. Hosted by Sara C. Motta

Research project

“Women Weaving the New Economy: Country, Care and Community”.

If you are interested in participating in this research, please contact us for further details at: sara.c.motta@newcastle.edu.au

You are invited to participate in our exciting research project called “Women Weaving the New Economy: Country, Care and Community”, which is being conducted by Sara C. Motta from the School of Business at the University of Newcastle and Michelle Maloney Co-Founder of the New Economy Network Australia (NENA).

The purpose of the research is to centre women’s voices, stories, strategies and knowledges in the organisations and projects which form a part of the New Economy Network Australia.

If you self-identify as a leader and/or active participant in one of the participating organisations of NENA then please consider participating in our research project. Your participation will involve a tape-recorded individual interview. The interview will take 60 minutes and will be recorded and kept for research purposes only.

Participation in this research is entirely optional. Only those people who give their informed consent will be included in the project.  More information can be provided by emailing us at: sara.c.motta@newcastle.edu.au