About the Hub

The NENA Melbourne Hub advocates and facilitates the development of shared projects and initiatives that build the ‘new economy’ in Melbourne.

We meet for discussions, organise events, meetings, film screenings and other activities that bring people together to promote and support the development of the new economy. We share info about NENA’s work with ‘Melbournians’ and feed our Hub’s work back into the NENA network.

Upcoming Events

The NENA Melbourne Hub hosts a Naan Yarn every two months, on the first Friday of the month, where we all gather, enjoy some curry, hear about an interesting ‘new economy’ project or from an interesting person, and just have a chance to get together in a supportive environment to get to know one another and strengthen our local ‘new economy’ movement.

At our next Naan Yarn on Friday 29th November we will hear from Modern Money Australia’s on Modern Monetary Theory. Details here:

Past Events

At our latest Naan Yarn on 11th October we heard from Extinction Rebellion’s Citizen Assembly about Citizen Assembly formation, processes, benefits and more.

On 13th September the Melbourne Hub co-hosted Reconciliation & Sovereignty: Land, Food and Energy as part of NENA’s national “What should the economy look like in 2030?” event series. The panel discussion and Q&A event was co-hosted with Sustain: The Australian Food Network and William Angliss Institute. Michaela Bohunicky spoke on food sovereignty in Canada and Australia, Isaac Harrison of Bunjil Energy on indigenous engagement in renewable energy, and Karl Fitzgerald of Prosper Australia on earth rights democracy.

On 2nd August our Naan Yarn focused on creating ideas and input from the Melbourne Hub into NENA’s Annual Strategy for 2019-20.

On 7th June at our first Naan Yarn we heard from Earthworker Cooperative about their Earthworker Energy Manufacturing Cooperative and work to transition workers in the fossil fuel industry to renewable energy and other industries.


Please contact Mark Bremner or Imogen Wells if you would like more information on, or to get involved with, the NENA Melbourne Hub. Email or