Author: Andrew Ward

Andrew Ward (Wardy) convened an informal industry group in 2012 called Crowd Sourced Equity Funding Australia (CSEF Australia). In 2015, CSEF Australia merged with the Crowd Funding Institute of Australia (CFIA) to form a ‘Peak Body’ for the industry. Andrew joined CFIA as a Board Member. He is also heavily involved in the co-operative sector and regularly consults to businesses in the New Economy. Andrew is currently engaged with several businesses including 3 Minute Angels, Ethical Fields, Ready Fund Go, TideWater.Global, and Any enquiries please email

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Bioregions as Economic Neighborhoods

Contents [1] Disruption [2] Not the Household, The Neighbourhood [3] Renaissance in Local Economic Development [4] Cosmo-Localisation [5] Cosmo-localism and Economic Neighbourhoods [6] What Defines an Economic Neighbourhood – Bioregions [7] Boundary Fences [8] Qualities of Economic Neighbourhood [9] Trust, Transparency and Traction [10] Impossible Read More …

Crowdfunding: Lessons From Shebah and Food Connect

I’ve interviewed both the Founders of Food Connect (Robert Pekin) and Shebah (Georgina McEncroe) in the last week and talked with them about their crowdfunding successes. They both shared that 90+% of funding had come from women. Women voting with their money on the type Read More …