Author: Dr Eleanor Glenn

Eleanor is the Co-Director of Common Cause Australia. In earlier roles in government environmental policy, she came to realise that people’s views and action on climate change had very little to do with science and a lot to do with values, identity and agency, which led to a PhD in climate change engagement. Eleanor has since supported many organisations and the Australia reMADE collaboration to put progressive values and frames at the heart of their work by aligning their values and vision. She is also passionate about helping people work through the detail of implementing their bold ideas for transformational systems change.

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Making sense of the election & what next?

It was the #climateelection. People clearly do care about climate action, Indigenous justice, bringing refugees here, raising Newstart. So what went wrong? As usual, it was a mix of things. And not all the fault of Queenslanders. Here I’m giving my early reflections, with input Read More …