Author: Kamaljit K Sangha

Dr. Kamaljit K. Sangha has gained skills and knowledge in a trans-disciplinary field of Ecological Economics over the last 20 years. She has extensively worked with the Indigenous peoples across northern Australia, especially on linking ecosystem services from the rainforests and savannas with the well-being of remote communities. Her work involves assessing the value of ecosystem services/benefits from natural resources to inform policy decision-making, and to enhance our understanding of nature’s role in our daily lives. She is currently working as an Ecological Economist at the Darwin Centre for Bushfire Research, Charles Darwin University, NT. She is author of a book ‘Ways to live in harmony with nature’ published by JoJo Publishing, VIC, in which she outlines how we can comprehend the importance of nature’ services and benefits in our daily living. In 2019, she has co-edited a book on ‘Sustainable Land Sector Development in Northern Australia: Indigenous rights, aspirations and cultural responsibilities’ published by the CRC Press. She has published about ~80 articles in various national and international journals, and conference proceedings.

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