Author: Nigel Hoffmann PhD

Nigel has been a teacher in Rudolf Steiner high schools for the last eighteen years, in Australia and Switzerland. He is a director of the Education for Social Renewal Foundation which supports the understanding and development of Rudolf Steiner’s picture of the threefold social organism. He is the author of Goethe's Science of Living Form: The Artistic Stages, published in 2007.

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The Associative Economy: Work and Social Sculpture

In my previous article I presented a picture of the threefold social organism, focussing on the meaning and creative function of capital. An associative economy, as Rudolf Steiner describes it, can come about when the three spheres – the economic, the cultural-spiritual and the political-legal Read More …

World Economy and Rudolf Steiner’s Social Threefold

I recently watched a TED talk featuring Yanis Varoufakis, the former Greek finance minister and prominent commentator on economic and political affairs in Europe. He said that within the largely independent economic sphere, corporate power has become unconscionably great. This excessive power, gained especially through Read More …