Author: Nilmini De Silva

Staff Writer
Nilmini De Silva is a Director of the mobile town planning consultancy, PolisPlan. She is a civil engineer, documentary photographer and author of Fate or Destiny: Living life with Passion. Having worked in natural systems all her life, Nil was always committed to environmental sustainability. Together with her partner she has been living in a motorhome and travelling around Australia for the past 4 years, empowering local governments and communities. Her dream is to help design and build a Circular Economy Innovation Hub—a replicable demonstration project creating a new resilient, regenerative paradigm for land development. She blogs on Medium for Ecoliving Journeys.

Reflecting on Four Years of Nomad Activism

In 2013, my partner Steven and I walked away from the security of our 40-hour work week and took a leap of faith to launch PolisPlan – a town planning and strategic engineering partnership. We exchanged our regular paychecks for the unsettling world of being consultants, partly because we wanted to be the architects of our future but also to develop a new paradigm for human settlements. We started by spending six months researching in Europe – volunteering in eco-villages, visiting transition towns and attending a conference in Findhorn, Scotland. Read More …

A Poem: Migrating Starlings & Journeys of Survival

It was a quiet morning walk in the Daintree Rainforest / When the silence was sliced, by their agitated screeching / Our attention arrested, we hasten our pace / To race up the tower, what could be amiss / The metallic starlings are causing a ruckus / Shiny purple and green, they reflect back the sunlight Read More …