Author: Sara Joyce

Sara has been politically active since she worked for the Teachers Federation on the Gonski Campaign in Digital Media from 2011 to 2013, fighting for and crafting the message for public schools and TAFE. When Tony Abbott appointed himself Minister for Women, she'd had enough and launched her own campaign which received 13,048 signatures to get the Prime Minister to appoint a more appropriate Minister for Women. From there she's worked with the homeless and worked in various other areas of government from an IT perspective. Recently she's been one of 33 elected members of the steering committee of the Offshore committee in the MEAA.

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Unemployment is an Underlying Goal of Our Economic Policy: The Pirate Party View

If there’s one thing we can all agree on, it is that unemployment is a problem. It is expensive. It steals the health and income of its victims. It narrows their opportunities. It subjects them to a host of dehumanising demands. It seems unimaginable that any country would purposefully force a part of its population into unemployment. But the truth is, all countries do. Including our own. The concept of a ‘non-accelerating inflationary rate of unemployment’ (NAIRU) gains little exposure beyond economics classrooms. The Reserve Bank and Treasury rarely mention it openly. Politicians never do. Yet, for 40 years, the NAIRU has been at the centre of economic policy Read More …