Author: Sonia Randhawa

Dr Sonia Randhawa is a co-founder of the Coalition of Everyone, an organisation with the vision of disrupting the politics of despair and building a politics of hope through participatory, deliberative democratic initiatives. Within the Coalition, she focuses on Citizens' Assemblies, building capacity for deepening democracy through working with local councils, schools and other organisations to increase awareness of Citizens' Assemblies. She now spends her time talking with local groups, running mock (or real!) Citizens' Assemblies and integrating randomised deliberative democracy into organisations or businesses.

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Taking the Politics out of Democracy

The success of the Greens and the Teal Independents in the recent Australian federal election has cultivated a sense of hope and courage. The past decade  has deepened cynicism around electoral politics, not just here in Australia, but across the globe: Trump, Johnson and Morrison Read More …