Economics for the Earth: Population, Consumption and Climate Change

Date: Monday, September 5, 2022
Time: 6:30 pm - 8:00 pm (AEST, Brisbane time)
econ4earth | webinars 2022

with Ian Lowe, Jane O'Sullivan and Haydn Washington

There is no possibility of achieving our stated goal of sustainable development if we don’t stabilise the human population and reduce our resource demands”
Professor Ian Lowe


In this webinar we'll have brave conversations about the tricky subjects of population and consumption. We'll examine the impact of growing human populations and escalating consumption levels on our climate and ecological crisis, and discuss positive actions that we can take to address these impacts.


IAN LOWE - Emeritus Professor, Griffith University and Patron of Sustainable Population Australia (SPA). Read more about Ian Lowe's remarkable work here:

JANE O'SULLIVAN, Honorary Senior Fellow, School of Agriculture and Food Sciences, Faculty of Science, University of Queensland. For more details about Jane's work, visit her profile page here:

HAYDN WASHINGTON - Adjunct Lecturer, UNSW. He has a forty year history as an environmental scientist, writer and activist. He has a degree in ecology, a Masters of Science in eco-toxicology (heavy metal pollution), a Dip. Ed., and a Ph.D. 'The Wilderness Knot' in Social Ecology (2007).


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