Economics for the Earth: Can a Wellbeing Economy Protect the Environment?

Date: Thursday, September 8, 2022
Time: 12:00 pm - 2:00 pm (AEST, Brisbane time)
econ4earth | webinars 2022

with Katherine Trebeck, Mike Salvaris & Gareth Hughes


Wellbeing Economics are being heralded around the world as a viable alternative to the ills of growth capitalism. A number of government agencies in Australia are exploring wellbeing economics and budgets, and recently the Federal Government announced that it would develop a wellbeing budget. But what does it really mean to have an economy focussed on 'wellbeing'? And what does it mean for humanity's relationship with the living world? Can Wellbeing Economics protect the environment?Join us for an important discussion with Katherine Trebeck, Mike Salvaris and Gareth Hughes, where we'll explore what wellbeing economics are about, how they've been developed in other countries around the world - including New Zealand - and what's possible in Australia.


KATHERINE TREBECK - Katherine is a political economist, writer and advocate for economic system change. She co-founded the Wellbeing Economy Alliance and also WEAll Scotland, its Scottish hub. She sits on a range of boards and advisory groups such as The Democracy Collaborative, the C40 Centre for Urban Climate Policy and Economy, and the Centre for Understanding Sustainable Prosperity. Her most recent book The Economics of Arrival: Ideas for a Grown Up Economy (co-authored with Jeremy Williams and published by Policy Press) was published in January 2019 and her major report Being Bold: Budgeting for Children’s Wellbeing was launched in March 2021.

MIKE SALVARIS - Mike Salvaris is the ANDI Project Manager (Australian National Development Index Limited) and a Research Fellow at the University of Melbourne. He is a former legal aid lawyer, tenants advocate, senior policy advisor and human rights and wellbeing researcher and is co-founder of the OECD Global Progress Research Network.

Gareth is the Country Lead for the Wellbeing Economy Alliance Aotearoa New Zealand. Gareth was a Green MP in New Zealand Parliament for 10 years, and is now working with hubs members, officials, community groups, businesses and individuals to help drive Wellbeing Economy policy making processes and grow a movement for a Wellbeing Economy.


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