New Economy Journal

Volume 2, Issue 1

Cover image by VanveenJF, via Unsplash

March 3, 2020

Welcome from editors -

Welcome to the New Economy Journal’s first edition of 2020!

Launched in April 2019, we are the only Australian publication (and one of few world-wide) whose focus is the movement to build a new economy – an economy based on sustainability and social justice, rather than greed and destruction; an economy built on ecological health and industrial democracy, rather than cancerous growth and top-down power structures.

Our aim is to highlight, document and disseminate information about what is happening in the new economy movement in Australia and around the world; encourage discourse and debate; facilitate connections; and produce a historical record in the process.

We’re particularly proud of our first issue for 2020. Amongst its pages, renowned economist Frank Stilwell chronicles the failures of mainstream economics and explores the decades-long move towards a more holistic ‘alternative’ economics education; Astra Taylor dissects how neoliberal capitalism and the massive financial inequities it creates undermines and dismantles historical democratic gains; Sonia Randhawa makes the case for citizens assemblies; and Kurt Johnson pens an impassioned essay on the Pacific nation of Kiribati, the first country to be lost to rising sea levels from climate change, and Australia's role in its demise.

As the Journal is a forum for debate, we hope you’ll disagree with some of the articles in this issue. We believe that through respectful disagreement and engagement, we can sharpen our learning about how to build a new, just and sustainable economy.

Happy reading.

The Editors

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