The new left economics: how a network of thinkers is transforming capitalism

For almost half a century, something vital has been missing from leftwing politics in western countries. Since the 70s, the left has changed how many people think about prejudice, personal identity and freedom. It has exposed capitalism’s cruelties.

It has sometimes won elections, and sometimes governed effectively afterwards. But it has not been able to change fundamentally how wealth and work function in society – or even provide a compelling vision of how that might be done.

After decades of rightwing dominance, a transatlantic movement of leftwing economists is building a practical alternative to neoliberalism.

Read more at the Guardian.

2 Replies to “The new left economics: how a network of thinkers is transforming capitalism”

  1. This is my first visit to this site. I largely agree with the critiques of neoliberalism being expounded by writers such as George Monbiot and Naomi Klein.
    I would like to read more on this site but the low contrast typesetting (a trendy but unfortunate major design flaw in many publications nowadays) makes text very hard to read.

    1. Hi John,
      Thanks for visiting the site and for the feedback. We’ve updated the main font on the website, which should provide greater contrast and readability.

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