Author: Dr Michael Symons

Dr Michael Symons is a Sydney scholar, whose latest book, Meals Matter: A Radical Economics through Gastronomy, is now published by Columbia University Press. He has been the Sydney Morning Herald environment correspondent, run restaurants in Tuscany and the Adelaide Hills, initiated the Symposiums of Australian Gastronomy and a parallel series in New Zealand, and his many publications included One Continuous Picnic: A Gastronomic History of Australia (1982 and 2007). His Ph.D. is in the “sociology of cuisine” from Flinders University.

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Capitalism is idealism, perfected

For many of us, the market is an actual gathering of human buyers and sellers, chatting, tasting and sharing produce, which is often fresh and artisanal. At market benches and shop counters, people display and take in a community meal. Mainstream economists turned that market Read More …