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Locavore Living: Taking Back the Commons for Common Good

Volume 1, Issue 1

April 12, 2019

By - Morag Gamble

Gregor Gamble
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Photo credit: Gregor Gamble

This special panel discussion featured as part of the 2019 Sustainable Living Festival in central Melbourne. Hundreds of people attended live. Let's spread it further!

“Today in the United States of America I operate in a capitalist system, so I have to do two things at once: try to tear stuff down and build up something new in the process” - Devita Davidson

There’s a new story inspiring a global movement for positive change. It’s all about re-inhabiting the commons and sharing. Listen in to this special festival panel and hear how communities are re-activating neighbourhoods, co-designing, growing food commons, working and living together, and addressing the big questions with powerful local responses. In other words, how they’re transitioning to a new economy.

The Panel

The panel was organised by Morag Gamble and hosted by the Sustainable Living Festival 2019.

Thanks to all the panel members and MC who kindly volunteered their time to participate so generously. Thanks to the incredible team who organised the 2019 Sustainable Living Festival in Melbourne at Birrarung Marr. Thanks to Gregor Gamble and his daughter, Rhiannon Gamble, who filmed and edited this event for us to share widely.

Photo credit: Gregor Gamble

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