New Economy Journal

Volume 1, Issue 4

This month we’re joined by guest editor Dr. Michelle Maloney, for a special focus on ecological economics (EE). EE directly challenges the growth-paradigm of neo-classical economics, and although, as a field of research and inquiry, it has fragmented into a range of different approaches and techniques since it began to gain traction in the 1970s, ecological economics and, in particular, ‘steady state economics’ is still one of the most rigorous alternatives to neoliberal economics.

This month’s focus on EE includes an introduction to the Steady State Economy by UNSW Professor Mark Diesendorf; an overview of population issues within the context of ecological economics by environmental scientist and member of CASSE NSW, Dr Haydn Washington (UNSW); and a fascinating proposal for a new way of measuring economic activity by scholar and practitioner Steven Liaros. Also featured is an overview of the fantastic line up of speakers at this year’s ANZSEE (Australia New Zealand Society for Ecological Economics) Conference by Associate Professor at RMIT, Anitra Nelson. NENA is an official sponsor of the 2019 ANZSEE Conference, and we’re looking forward to an excellent 2 days of discussions at the event, which is called “Ecological Economics – Solutions Now and in the Future” (25-26 November, at RMIT, Melbourne)

As always, we hope you disagree with some, take hope from others, and learn from all about how we can build a new, just and sustainable economy.

Duncan, Jacob and Michelle

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