New Economy Journal

Volume 1, Issue 5

Cover photo by Jon Tyson on Unsplash

August 2019

This month's NEJ is focused on young people - the creators and inheritors of the New Economy. We reached out to youth activists, peak bodies, new economy practitioners and writers to hear about their vision for the future, and are proud to present a collection of 12 articles that provoke, educate and inspire in equal measure.

From the frontlines of the School Strikes for Climate movement, to the impressive work of Young Farmers Connect and social enterprise Edgy Blue Mountains, we hear from young people actively challenging the status quo in pursuit of ecological and economic justice. From representatives of Interns Australia and the Foundation for Young Australians comes thoughtful reflections on the future of work and the rapidly evolving labour market, and a powerful defence of the principle that work experience should not be a vehicle for exploitation. Acclaimed writer Scott Colvin makes a spirited case for socialism as the antidote to neoliberalism's excesses, whilst Melbourne lawyer Henry Hamilton pens a cautionary tale on the pull of the corporate sector for indebted university graduates. Oliver Mispelhorn gives us the low down on Canberra’s newest healthcare co-operative, and we also hear about the launch of Cooperative Power and the 2019 Co-ops NSW annual conference.

As always, we hope you disagree with some, take hope from others, and learn from all about how we can build a new, just and sustainable economy.

Table of Contents