New Economy Journal

Volume 1, Issue 6

Cover image: Painting by Tessa Wallace

October 2019

Welcome from the Editors

Welcome to the first ever print edition of the New Economy Journal!

Launched in April, we are the only Australian publication (and one of few world-wide) whose focus is the movement to build a new economy – an economy based on sustainability and social justice, rather than greed and destruction. Our aim is to highlight, document and disseminate information about what is happening in the new economy movement in Australia and around the world; encourage discourse and debate; facilitate connections; and produce a historical record in the process.

As the Journal is a forum for debate, we hope you’ll disagree with some of the articles in this issue. We believe that through respectful disagreement and engagement, we can enhance our understanding of how to build a new, just and sustainable economy. We also aim to give hope by highlighting the hugely positive new economy activities and ideas being implemented here and around the world. It is, in many ways, a very exciting time for the new economy movement – and that excitement needs to be shared.

Happy reading!

The Editors

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