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The NENA Coordinating Team invites everyone to showcase their work and connect with the Australian new economy community, by being part of NENA Radio.

Our fabulous Coordinating Team member, Scotty Johnson, is leading the way in developing our NENA Radio Show, to showcase new economy initiatives across Australia.  The plan is to begin with monthly pod-casts and move to a weekly show that can be shared via community radio stations across Australia.  For more information, please visit our NENA Radio webpage, and email Scotty for more information:


I am keen to start up a weekly, 1 hour long NENA radio show and podcast, to be broadcast across the nation via the Community Radio Satellite, which is run by the Community Broadcasting Association of Australia (CBAA).  Broadcast via the satellite means that anyone within listening range of a community radio station (which is a vast chunk of the population) can ask them to put it into their schedule at some point during the week.  The podcast angle means that people can access, download, and listen to any of the episodes, for as long as we maintain the podcasting website.  The Community Radio Network will have to be approached with a decent proposal, and the proposal be accepted before the full concept can work.

So far, interest has focussed on getting a podcast up and running first, then transitioning into the radio sphere as we get better through practice.


A number of state or regional based groups and other groups, such as the inner dimensions group, economics group, first nations group, etc, or a group looking at overseas examples  produce a regular live to air or pre-recorded show, (we need a minimum of 3 groups to get underway) The groups would preferably utilise their local community radio station (they will have to become members of the station, and go through some training). If a home or other studio is available that can produce a good sound, that will work just as well, but it comes without the community awareness, legal hazard awareness training, and other advantages of the community radio station.

The number of groups determines how often each group makes a show. 3 groups = 1 show every 3 weeks, 6 groups = 1 show every 6 weeks.

I will take on co-ordinating the groups, reminders, and the like. Beginning with a podcast will only involve setting up an account on soundcloud or some other podcast hosting site (there are many). Individual groups will be able to post their shows as scheduled. Once the radio aspect begins, to get onto the Community Radio Satellite we will need a central show.

I will get the shows broadcast at the same weekly timeslot and from the same station (2XX in Canberra), to technically enable the feed on to the community radio satellite. To get the shows from various groups around the country on to the Community Radio Network Satellite (CRN) they would send the pre-recorded show in to me, a few days before the 2XX broadcast date.

The local groups will be responsible for putting in a show of the correct length, of good quality, by the agreed deadline, with a filled out music log sheet, and a description for facebook, the podcast blurb, etc. They will be pretty much autonomous in what they do otherwise. Once broadcast, radio shows will also be put onto a soundcloud or other similar podcsst hosting site. From there a podcast can be arranged for a further flung worldwide audience. (if someone knows how to do this, get in touch!)

The podcast site can also feature extra items and full length interviews for listeners to follow up with. Local groups should also consider doing a local weekly show on their local community radio station. They can then send in their best recent show, or make up a mix of highlights for the National show. A few groups in the same locality could share a timeslot, making their show bi- or tri- weekly.

This regional structure can provide a local networking function, helping individuals and local initiatives to find, and to find out about each other, and examine organisational features through case studies. It can educate about the various forms of organisation and ideas that we are interested in. Find out about all aspects through long format interviews. We can refer people to various shows which explain different aspects of the movement.

Any video content could be put onto youtube, as could radio interviews with a "slow" backdrop, such as the earth turning from space, or a river running, etc.

Being involved with Community Radio and learning t o broadcast is also very good experience. As the old punk Jello Biafra said so many years ago – “Don’t hate the media…. Become the media!”  You will get to know much more about your local area, and the most interesting people and organisations within it.  It will also provide a linkage for the national group to cross fertilise each other with ideas and contacts.  Listeners throughout the planet will also be able to tune in, also a necessary step if we hope to change the current economic system.

To make this work, we will need volunteers from all over the country, as many as we can get... many hands make light work.

Don't be afraid, this is a fantastic opportunity to learn heaps, exercise the grey matter, meet cool people, get to really know your community, spread the positive news, and so much more!

We have a unique opportunity with the community radio sector in this country, so lets use it!

To volunteer, or ask any questions, please contact me. I will put all volunteers in touch with each other.


Scotty Foster

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NENA Radio - Scotty Foster

Scotty Foster is a solar powered, radio broadcasting, organic growing, co-operative creating, earth and people protecting lunatic worker from Canberra, Australia. He currently earns a meagre living doing on and off grid solar, and general electrical work. His real work is through community groups (Co-operatives, Commons and Communities Canberra and the New Economy Network of Australia), and community radio 2XX in Canberra. He believes that every community has the potential to organize and provide for its own needs.

Through radio a community can connect, communicate, co-ordinate, learn, explore and harmonise itself.

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