Regen Brisbane / Meeanjin Launch Event

Watch the video on Youtube for access to the chapters feature of the video. Otherwise, find the presentations as outlined below:

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00:00 Introduction and Acknowledgement of Country
09:57 Adjunct Associate Professor, Mary Graham (UQ and Kombu-merri and Waka Waka person) - The Relationist Ethos and how Indigenous Peoples created regenerative societies across the continent now known as Australia
25:10 Professor Yin Paradies, Deakin University  - Decolonisation and rethinking modernity
50:04 Jonothan Sri, Brisbane City Councillor - An overview of the Brisbane City Council's current and planned sustainability and social justice initiatives
1:17:38 Dr Michelle Maloney - An Introduction to the GREENPRINTS APPROACH - 1.19.20 - and locating Brisbane within its bioregion and catchment: getting to know our unique natural environment and amazing biodiversity
1:36:10 Rachael Nasplezes, Brisbane bioregion - Healthy Land and Water [watch the Healthy Land and Water video directly on YouTube at: ], and
1:49:22 Kira May, Bulimba Creek Catchment Coordinating Committee
1:59:20 How can we understand our city’s impact? Brisbane’s historical and present “footprint” within the bioregion - Michelle Maloney, and
2:17:26 Delwyn Jones, Director, Sustainability Assessment, The Evah Institute - Life Cycle Benefit Analysis and understanding what a city uses and produces
2:35:59 Professor Will Steffen, Climate Council and Stockholm Resilience Institute - Locating ourselves within our interconnected ecosystem - Earth Systems Science, Climate Change and our Planetary Boundaries
2:57:22 Kaj Löfgren, Small Giants and Regen Melbourne - How Regen Melbourne used the Doughnut Economy model
3:11:26 Professor Marcus Foth, QUT  -The future of regenerative cities
3:33:13 Regenerative Cities Q&A with Dr Anne Kovachevich, Foresight and Innovation Leader at Arup, and A/Prof David A Hood AM
3:52:01 What does it mean for businesses to be regenerative, and to be located within a bioregion? - Michelle Maloney, in discussion with
4:01:42 Mary-Lou Kelly, CEO of Greentag International
4:11:58 Closing remarks