Who’s building NENA?

The New Economy Network Australia is under construction.  It’s being built by an amazing network of people and organisations around Australia, who are volunteering their time and expertise to work together and create NENA.

If you’d like to join us and be part of the movement that’s transforming Australia’s economic system, please email: neweconomy@earthlaws.org.au

Some of our ‘builders’ are the fabulous people who’ve been part of the discussions and NENA working groups since our first conference in August 2016, others have joined us more recently:

  • Michelle Maloney, Australian Earth Laws Alliance
  • Lyb Makin, Australian Earth Laws Alliance
  • Bronwen Morgan, UNSW
  • Alan Greig, The Mercury Project
  • David Thompson, Jobs Australia
  • Haydn Washington, CASSE NSW
  • Amanda Cahill, Centre for Social Change
  • Jose Ramos, Action Foresight and Consulting Editor of the Journal of Future Studies
  • Darren Sharp, Director of Social Surplus and Australian editor of Shareable
  • Jane O’Sullivan, Sustainable Population Australia
  • Anne Poelina and Ian Perdrisat, Mardoowarra Incorporated
  • Ross Williams, Bindal/Juru First Nations
  • Rob Pekin and Emma-Kate Rose, Food Connect
  • Valentine Nona and Sue Kenny, Palm Island Sustainability Hub
  • Elsie L’Huillier, The Community Coach
  • Ahri Tallon, NENA
  • Sabrina Chakori, Brisbane Tool Library
  • Tim Hollo, The Green Institute
  • Patricia Morgan, UNSW
  • Koji Payne
  • Luke Reade, Energetic Communities
  • Anthony James, The Rescope Project
  • Tirrania Suhood, InCollaboration
  • Anouk Pinchetti
  • Alison Bird, Brisbane LETS
  • Kevin Cox
  • Annette Loudon
  • Mike Dowson