New Community Land Trust Manual launched!

Enabling Community Land Trusts in Australia

Authors: Louise Crabtree, Carolyn Sappideen, Stewart Lawler, Rebecca Conroy, Joanne McNeill

Over recent years, numerous intertwined housing issues have intensified in Australia regarding the environmental impact, liveability, social equity and affordability of our housing stock and choices. This is driving the exploration and implementation of a diverse range of design forms; development and procurement processes; tenure and governance options; and costing mechanisms. Internationally, community land trusts (CLTs) have shown the capacity to embed and embody diversity across all of those options. That capacity is a key driver of the ongoing analysis of how CLTs might be enabled in Australia, including this book and its predecessor, The Australian Community Land Trust Manual. It is strongly advised that these two publications be read in combination.

Read more at ARENA.

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